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Are You Ready For Your Closeup?

Are You Ready For Your Closeup?

I ran into a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for recognizing each others voices, we probably would have walked right by. I hardy recognize myself these days anyway. Have you seen the meme of the girl chimpanzee who after checking herself out in the mirror, says “this can’t be accurate?"

So after chatting for a while, socially distant of course, Judy asked why I was dressed up. I was wearing jeans, sneakers, a short jacket and the ubiquitous mask and gloves, hardly a Heidi Klum moment. But it was an upgrade from the sweats I’ve been living in. Do you think masks are now a fashion accessory? (Asking for a friend.)

It made me think about what is on all of our minds and that is a re-opening to the outside world which is beginning to unfold. In the past weeks, many of us have filled a void using video conferencing to stay in touch. I’m hearing that the use of FaceTime, Skype and Zoom has gone way up. And from the packages I’ve seen delivered to my neighborhood, there has been a burst of online shopping.  I’ve found myself getting dressed and wearing makeup even if I’m at home. Those pajamas have gotten really old.

In this time of trying to stay connected, how are you approaching the camera? Are you party on the top and PJs on the bottom? One of my neighbors runs her business meetings on Zoom wearing a suit because it makes her feel more professional. Whatever mode you select, wouldn’t this be a perfect time to wear something new?

At the Laura Jean online store, we are featuring some pretty tops that will give you a lift and you’ll look forward to wearing them when the time comes. Here are just a few ideas we have for you: 

  • Autumn Cashmere Striped tie-back top ($245)
  • Bailey 44 Sirena tee ($198)
  • Joie Samyra caviar top ($138)
  • Bella Dahl flowing ink dot blouse ($138)

Now that we’ve got the clothing handled, makeup is another story. I’ve learned, the hard way, that the camera doesn’t love you without your full facial armor. You’ll need a great foundation. I’m loving "Born This Way - Two Faced," which I ordered from Sephora online. It’s a miracle. Now what about that gray streak working it’s way down your crown?  When the staying in place went into effect, I stocked up on root concealer.

Full disclosure, about a month in, my hairdresser, who is now in my will, dropped off an emergency goody bag with my mixture, brush, gloves and instructions. I found it daunting. My poor husband was pressed into service, handling the back of my head. While he’s a artist, this kind of brush work terrified him. Actually we did a fairly decent job. I’m using my store bought concealer to fill in the missed spots. My favorite is the Rita Hazan root concealer from Sephora online. There are some locally available that will do the job too, such as L’Oreal root concealer at CVS. There is Roux Tween a time sold at Walmart and Clairol root touch up at CVS.

So while spring unfolds in all her glory, and things are beginning to re-open, we wanted to share some exciting news. We are launching the Laura Jean Style Magazine. Under the direction of Nancy Isherwood, you will be treated to a visually stunning representation of what the Bellevue Avenue store and our online store are offering. The magazine will keep you up to date on not only the latest fashion trends, but will shine a light on the place we are lucky to call home: Newport, Rhode Island. We’ll merge fashion with culture, dining and history against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. Please look for us on our website and/or your inbox. The Laura Jean Style Magazine and it’s weekly companion, the LJ blog will be all you need to be ready for your closeup.

As we get ready to re-open according to Governor Gina Raimondo’s guidelines, we want to share with you how Laura Jean will be approaching this new phase. As always, it’s about you. We will continue to fill online orders at curbside, and local delivery when possible but you may soon be able to enter the store in a limited way. We will be observing distancing, wearing masks, ongoing sanitizing, using a barrier at checkout. You’ll need a mask as well.  Please be sure to check in with us for more guidance.

We hope you’ll give us your feedback as well as share any concerns you may have. Until we see you, be safe. Be optimistic. We are in this together. After all, I think we’re all getting ready for our closeup.


Annette Raisky

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