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How to Clean Your Cashmere

How to Clean Your Cashmere

Regardless of the season, the right cashmere sweater can really take your outfit to a whole new level. 

Here at Laura Jean, we have some really great pieces that are perfect staples for your fall and winter wardrobe. We have everything from scarves and iPhone ready gloves, to the coziest sweaters that will really make you welcome this autumn and fall with open arms!

Of course we want your cashmere pieces to last as long as possible, so we scoured the internet looking for the best tips for caring for your cashmere. Here are our top five:

To prevent pilling, try a looser fitting sweater. When the garment is tighter fitting, it increases the likelihood of friction which can cause that pesky pilling.

If pilling does occur, it’s a simple solve. You can easily get rid of it by using a specialized comb or a Sweaterstone, which is a natural stone (think pumice stone) that removes the pilling. You gently rub the stone over the problem area, and the stone picks up the pills. How easy is that? And to make life even easier, we have the sweater stone in stock and are happy to show you exactly how it works.

Hand washing your cashmere is probably your best bet. Dry cleaning involves many harsh detergents which can shorten the lifespan of your garments. When hand washing cashmere, it is important to use lukewarm water and a mild soap. You should work the suds through the garment while make sure to not twist or wring it—this can cause it to lose its shape. Try “squishing” the suds through. And keep an eye on making sure all the suds are out before you dry.


How you dry your cashmere is quite important, too! Once again, no twisting or wringing to get rid of excess water. Make sure you squish and squeeze out the water and then lay the garment flat onto a clean, dry towel and then roll it all up. Give it a good squeeze, unroll, place on a new towel and let it finish air drying on its own. When it is on this last step, make sure it is nice and flat.

Try not to hang your cashmere for extended amounts of time- doing this will increase its odds of losing its original shape. Give it a nice fold, and keep in an area that is not in direct sunlight or too close to a heater (heat and sun can also lead to a shorter life for the garment).

We hope this helps make wearing and caring for your cashmere easier!

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