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How to Prevent Dark Wash Jeans From Bleeding

How to Prevent Dark Wash Jeans From Bleeding

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Goodbye blue hands! Prevent dark denim bleeding with these 4 easy steps. 

1. Rinse with vinegar

Before wearing or washing, be sure to do a vinegar wash. This is super easy and can be done by filling the washing machine to the lowest level, adding one cup of vinegar, and letting jeans sit for an hour. After the jeans are done soaking, wash in cold water with a small amount of soap. For super dark jeans, leave them in over night! 

2. Rinse in cold water

Rinse inside out in cold water with no detergent. You can keep doing this process until all bleeding stops, however, some fading may occur. 

3. Soak in Salt Water 

Soak in a bucket or of water with one cup salt. It will lock in the dark dye like the vinegar soak.

4. Wear dark clothing with dark denim

Not totally realistic! For the first few wears, your best bet would be to pair dark denim with like colors so no transfer occurs. 

Extra tip: To dry, roll in dark or old towel to release water then lay flat

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