The Ultimate Guide to Leather Jackets

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Jackets


Mackage Hania Leather Jacket

When you're ready to finally invest in a quality leather jacket, there are many factors to consider. Moto or bomber? Classic black or a pop of color? We are here to make your investment easier with a quick guide on everything you need to know about leather jackets. 

Our favorite brand for leather jackets hands down is Mackage. They make jackets that only get better with age. The Lisa is a classic black moto leather jacket. Made of lambskin with a pebbled look, the jacket has structure while still being soft to the touch. The Hania is equally as classic with a few more add-ons like a waist belt. The cognac color adds a pop to any wardrobe.

Mackage Lisa Leather jacket

Explore the anatomy of a leather as explained by PopSugar:

  • Leather: While real cowhide leather provides great structure, it takes a while to wear in and may at first appear stiff. Lamb and goat are butter-soft to the touch. All will last for a lifetime.
  • Collar: The collar of your jacket rests around your neck and often features a fastener on each side, though some leather coats are collarless with just a button snap at the front.
  • Fasteners: These are the metal studs you'll find at the points of your collar or lapel, which is a bit further down. While many of them are just for show, they play up the hardware on the rest of your coat and make it look perfectly polished.
  • Lapels: These triangle-shaped slices of fabric sometimes connect with the collar, and their crisp shape is what brings edge to a moto-style jacket. Usually, the zipper runs along the edge of one panel so when you close your coat, a square shape is created.
  • Pockets: If you're a fan of pockets, search for a jacket with plenty. Many leather coats feature diagonal pockets on one side, a go-to spot for storing extra cash, cards, or even your phone. Some side pockets snap closed with a button, while others complement the single zipper running down the center of your design.
  • Lining: The lining of your coat is the material that runs along the inside. Whether it's cotton, a quilted nylon, or even suede, a lining might help to make your design feel — or look! — more luxe when you're wearing it.
  • Waist Buckle: A waist buckle runs along the lower edge of your jacket and you can use it to create more of a cinched fit. There are plenty of jackets that feature one or two buckles on each side to add extra edge. For a rugged, undone look, leave yours opened.
  • Zipper: When it comes to a leather jacket, you might find more than one zipper. Whether there's one on the back of each sleeve or it acts as closure to any of your pockets, the more hardware you've got going on, the flashier statement you'll make. Of course, a single zipper runs down the center of your coat, cinching the panels together when it's pulled up.
  • Cuffs: Some cuffs are folded and obvious, while others you can create yourself by folding up or unzipping the hem of your sleeve. On classic bombers, your cuffs are usually made from an elastic jersey, and the resulting look is totally sporty.

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