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Denim Style Guide: The Art of the Shirt Tuck

Denim Style Guide: The Art of the Shirt Tuck

Forget the hems on your pair of jeans—sometimes it's harder to figure out how to style tops with a variety of different hems!

Full Shirt Tuck

Whether you are wearing a classic button down, an oversized sweater or your favorite t-shirt, tucking in your top is a simple way to pull your whole outfit together. Better yet, mastering the je ne sais quoi attitude of the "effortless casual" look with a slightly undone shirt tuck can be even cooler.

Here are three ways to accomplish the perfect tuck!

The Full Tuck

Full Shirt Tuck

The full tuck looks and works best for button downs and blouses. It will give your ensemble a very polished and professional look. Start by putting on your top—this look is easiest to achieve when you put your shirt on before your pants or skirt. Once you put your bottoms on (and before securing them), pull down your shirt as far as it will go. To finish, raise your arms above your head to untuck the shirt just the right amount.

The Front Tuck

Front Shirt Tuck

This style tuck-in is great for any top and will bring attention to your waist without making it the main focus. To achieve this look, start with your favorite top and pinch a small section at the bottom, middle portion and tuck about 2 inches into the front of your pants. Finish by pulling the sides of your shirt down so they fall over and away from the waistband.

The Half Tuck 

Front Shirt Tuck

The half tuck is another option that is perfect for button downs—all you need to do is unbutton the bottom of the shirt up to the waistband and tuck the button side of the shirt into your pants. Gently tug at the tucked in section so it isn’t too tight and stiff.

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