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Denim Style Guide: How to Pair Boots with Jeans

Denim Style Guide: How to Pair Boots with Jeans

One of our top asked questions we receive is: “What jeans can I wear with these boots?”

As a follow-up to our ultimate guide on denim leg openings, we put together a styling guide for best boot and jean combos.

Winter Outfit Frye AG Jeans 360 Cashmere

Which boots can I wear with a Flare or a Boot Cut jean? 

Flare and boot cut jeans go especially well with a mid shaft boot, a bootie, or a fitted boot. We love pairing a boot cut jean with the Carson Pull on, which is a great mid shaft boot. It has western flair and gives boot cut jeans a great vintage feel. Boot cut and flare jeans also pair really well with a low boot like the Reina Bootie or a fitted boot with a heel like the Parker Short.

Which boots can I wear with Straight leg jeans?

Straight leg jeans are not only incredibly flattering on different body types, but they can pair so easily with so many different shoes. A straight leg jean has a leg opening that is wide enough to go over a boot with a fitted ankle such as the Malorie Knotted, and is slim enough to comfortably fit inside a boot with a wider ankle like the Dorado Short.

And what about Cigarette of Legging fits? 

Legging and cigarette leg jeans are just about the easiest of all because you can wear them with pretty much anything. They both have a slim enough leg and leg opening that they look great tucked into a boot with a mid or tall shaft boot like the Melissa Button, a classic tall boot. For added style, Western-inspired styles like the Ilana Pull On or the Jane Stitch Redwood both have fun detailing and look great with jeans.

Frye Ilana Cognac Pull On Boot

A cigarette leg has a leg opening that is just wide enough slip over a slim ankle boot such as the Parker Short.

And if this winter is anything like last winter, shearling-lined boots are the ones you want to keep your feet toasty warm! Both the legging and cigarette leg are skinny enough to wear inside a short, shearling lined boot like the Valerie 6 and the Valerie Lace Up or the Mara, a tall shearling lined boot. 

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