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Spring 2016 Denim Trends to Watch

Spring 2016 Denim Trends to Watch

So what denim styles should you be looking for in the New Year?

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For 2016, the fashion world is feeling the 70's vibe—especially with denim.

As we all know, runway fashion is a season ahead of what's on the store shelves—if it's summer, fall shipments are arriving. Now that it's finally 2016, we can look back to the runway shows and see what to expect bloggers, stylists and shoppers to flock to this spring and summer.

The 70's trend has been taking off—a lot brands like FRAME Denim have embraced the flare—and it's likely to only gain momentum in 2016. You'll also find that "flat" washes will be more popular than denim with strong whiskering and contrast. WhoWhatWear asked several denim experts about what's trending, including Tim Kaeding MOTHER, and they are all excited about bringing back flares.

Fashionista and Vogue have also labeled patchwork as a top trend, as well.

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