Laura Jean's Denim Dollars Program

Laura Jean's Denim Dollars Program

Our loyalty rewards program is back!

For every $250 you spend at Laura Jean, you earn $25 Denim Dollars that can be used the following month. If you earned Denim Dollars, you can redeem them in-store or online using a special code that is emailed to you at the beginning of the month. 

For example, if Elizabeth made a purchase of $525 in November 2015, then she earned $50 Denim Dollars to use during the month of December 2015. 

In the past, we used to place orders for customers outside of the Newport area via telephone or email. Now, any customers who earns Denim Dollars can shop online!

Here's the full fine-print on Denim Dollars: 

  • Denim Dollars cap at $100
  • Denim Dollars cannot be used more than once and are non-transferable
  • Cannot be used on previous purchases, special orders, or sale items
  • Denim Dollars are not redeemable for cash
  • All discounts applied at the time of your purchase will be taken off any item returned
  • Denim Dollars may not be reapplied to items being exchanged for different styles, with the exception of size or color
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