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Caring For Your Coated Denim

Caring For Your Coated Denim

Do you have a pair of wax coated denim? Fashionista has your questions answered on how to keep them clean.

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The usual care for premium denim in its more traditional "denim-y" fabric involves minimal wash and the occasional freshening up in the dryer, but the wax coated denim can be tricky.

An article in Fashionista gives its input on dry cleaning, hand-washing, spot-cleaning and other methods—what it really comes down to is making sure the wax coated denim you buy is high quality and that if you decide to take these jeans to the dry cleaner, make sure that they have experience working with the material. 

Read the whole article on Fashionista's website!

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Nauty - November 19, 2022

I have tan coated jeans that got dark marks on them not sure if I can clean them help

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