Designer Spotlight: Fall in Love with Chan Luu

Designer Spotlight: Fall in Love with Chan Luu

We fell in love with Chan Luu (and her dog) when Laura met her in New York. She is just as sweet as she looks! We are happy to share her new collection of jewelry and scarves this spring. Luu draws inspiration from her own experiences and world travels. 

Luu fashions her jewelry in the spirit of the cultures and landscapes she experiences while venturing around the globe. Her jewelry lines include wrap bracelets and pendants fashioned with natural rocks, stones and pearls. The designs are very natural and capture intricate detail you are hard-pressed to find elsewhere.


Not only is Chan Luu a world traveller, but her upbringing spanned multiple continents. Luu was born and raised in Nha Trang Vietnam and went on to Boston University. She always retained her love of design, remembering fashioning jewelry from seashells growing up on the coast. It was then that she moved to LA to pursue her love of fashion. Luu began her brand in 1996, promising customers she will offer only pieces that are artfully handmade and authentic. A promise she still keeps today.

Stay tuned for her spring collection!

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