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Travel Lightly: How to Not Overpack & Other Travel Tips

Travel Lightly: How to Not Overpack & Other Travel Tips

When traveling for Fourth of July weekend, what more do you need besides bathing suits, white jeans and navy tops? Somehow with two suitcases and one tote later...things got a little out of hand!

Packing tips Laura Jean Denim

Overpacking is always my traveling downfall. TripAdvisor gave out their best packing tips. See their suggestions and ours of how to pack only the essentials - 

  • Pack light to travel light. If you can manage with a carry-on, do it. Try taking half of the things you need and twice the money. You can make buying a few new items a fun part of the adventure.
  • Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. These can come in handy on a plane, train or in your hotel room.
  • Capitalize on empty suitcase space. Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. Stuff socks, underwear, and accessories inside of shoes. Use all your space!
  • Keep a sarong or pashmina in your carry-on. They can be used as a blanket on the plane, a scarf if it’s cold or a shawl on an evening out.
  • Keep shoes to a minimum. You don't need five pairs of shoes for four days. Pack versatile sneakers, sandals and heels to get you through.
  • Bag it. Chan Luu jewelry bags are perfect to hold your accessories. Trash bags also have multiple uses (laundry bag, shoe covers).
  • Don't think in outfits, think in items. Take the total number of days you're going on the trip and only pack for those days. Traveling for four days? Pack three shirts and one dress. 
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