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Denim Style Guide: The Five Basic Leg Openings for Women's Jeans

Denim Style Guide: The Five Basic Leg Openings for Women's Jeans

Whether you're a devout denim wearer or just looking for one staple pair of jeans, it can be hard to decide which leg openings you want.

We've listed the five main types of leg openings from widest to skinniest—flare, boot cut, straight, cigarette, and legging.

Denim Leg Openings Flare, Boot Cut, Straight, Cigarette, Legging

The Flare

Frame Denim Le Flare in Moxon

Since recent the 70s style revival, flare jeans have made a huge comeback and they look amazing on so many people. This particular flare by Frame Denim is a high rise jean which fits slim on the leg and flares out to a 23 inch leg opening*. It is truly a show stopper.

The Boot Cut

AG Angel Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans are timeless and perfect for so many different personalities and styles. The Angel, a boot cut by AG, is fitted through the hips and thighs and has a leg opening of 19 inches*. It is a modest flare, so if you like the idea of flare jeans but want something less dramatic, this is perfect for you!

The Straight

AG Harper Straight Leg jean

Straight leg jeans are great for all body types because with a 12.5 inch* leg opening, it is neither a skinny leg jean, nor a flare, so it elongates and lengthens your body without feeling . The Harper by AG is a wonderful and classic straight fit that should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

The Cigarette

AG Stilt Cigarette Leg jean

The Cigarette leg is essentially a slim-straight or a skinny jean that hits right around the ankle (it has a 30” inseam). The leg opening is 11.5 inches* so it doesn’t hug your ankle the way a legging jean will and gives you a little extra room. As a happy medium between the straight and the legging, the Cigarette leg is the most versatile in terms of pairing it with different types of shoes and boot shafts.

The Legging

Legging leg opening

As you can guess, the legging has the most narrow leg opening- 10 inches*. These jeans have a slim fit from the knee to the ankle and will hug your ankle more than the cigarette leg. The legging fit has been on trend for so long now because they are incredibly versatile and comfortable—they will remain a mainstay leg opening for the woman who loves an active look, not so far removed from the athleisure apparel she typically wears. 

We are always saying that we have the perfect jean for absolutely anyone and it’s no exaggeration! We pride ourselves on having jeans that flatter each body type and suit any preference. Browse all of our premium denim brands and styles on our website.

Do you have any other questions about how to pick the perfect pair of jeans? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or comment below!

*All measurements taken from size 28.

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