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Sweater Weather: Skull Cashmere Edit

Sweater Weather: Skull Cashmere Edit

It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to wear skulls and crossbones. 

Skull Cashmere is the edgy line by 360 Sweater. Since July 2013, Skull Cashmere has offered traditional cashmere staples with contemporary edge—think classic cut sweaters, scarves, gloves in standout skull print. 

Cupcakes and Cashmere in Skull Cashmere

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere delights in this cool outfit with a Skull Cashmere sweater and her plaid skirt. 

Skull Cashmere Camo pullover

Skull Cashmere Sweater in Black and Charcoal [SHOP]

As the Skull Cashmere brand has evolved, not all of the pieces have interpreted the skull print so literally...

For example, the Ophelia Sweater has a skull subtly woven in the knit cables. 

Skull Cashmere Ophelia Sweater in Chalk with Rocky Barnes

Skull Cashmere Ophelia Sweater [SHOP]

Or, the Malady Sweater has alpine-inspired detail on the sleeves that also carry into the skull itself.

Skull Cashmere Malady Sweater

Skull Cashmere Malady Sweater [SHOP]

Skull Cashmere Malady Sweater

If you're still not in love with the Skull Cashmere line, 360 Sweater still has cool edgy pieces like the Dip Ombre pullover that are skull-free.

360 Sweater sweater in dip ombre 

360 Sweater Dip Ombre Pullover Sweater [SHOP]

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