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How to Style a Large Black Tote Bag

How to Style a Large Black Tote Bag

The large tote bag can be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time.

The great thing is that it's large and can carry a lot of things you may need. This can also make it a pain, because the tote may be too big of a hassle to carry around or—worse—it doesn't seem to go with the outfit you were planning on wearing.

For the most part, the large tote bag goes with most everyday outfits, because it primarily serves as more of a functional utility first than a fashion statement. 

If you look at how these women are dressed with their large tote bags throughout the post, it's quite effortless. 

  • Pullover sweater, basic long sleeve top, jeans, flats and tote bag.
  • Light knit turtleneck, cords and tote bag.
  • Long black coat, dress, tights and tote bag.
  • Sweater, leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and tote bag.

Mackage Raffa Large Tote

Which outfit inspiration did you like best?

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