Stay Warm with This Fur-Lined Parka

Stay Warm with This Fur-Lined Parka

The 2015-2016 Old Farmer's Almanac came out last week and it predicts that the Northeast will have a beautiful late summer/early fall, but it's going to be a harsh winter...

IKKS fur lined parka blends cold weather comfort and military style

It's hard to think about fur when summer has barely reached its end, but it's better to be prepared now than sorry later...

IKKS outerwear

And, if you're going to be prepared, you may as well look amazing do it...

IKKS fur-lined parka is a winter wardrobe essential

Love the coat, but still not quite ready for fur in September? The fur and the padded, down lining is removable, so you can just wear it as your fall jacket until the temperature drops later in the season.

Check if your size is available on our online store! 

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