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What is AG Jeans' 360 Contour Denim Line?

What is AG Jeans' 360 Contour Denim Line?

If you're looking for denim that can keep up with your busy lifestyle 24/7, the AG 360 Contour line is for you!

Laura Jean carries AG Contour 360 Denim

The denim is so flexible that even ballerinas can dance in them comfortably! For our 10th anniversary celebration, we hired two dancers from Island Moving Co. to give a live demonstration of the AG Contour 360's flexibility. 

Island Moving Company dancers model AG Contour 360 Denim at Laura Jean

According to AG, "Contour 360 fabric defies the expectations of traditional denim, sculpting the body with all-direction stretch. This innovative material offers an unlimited range of movement and flexibility, while optimum recovery ensures a silhouette that retains impeccable form."

The AG 360 Contour line includes several different styles, including the Prima (a mid-rise cigarette leg), the Farrah Skinny (a high-waisted skinny leg) and the Legging Ankle (a super skinny legging fit). View our selection of AG 360 Contour denim on our online store!

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