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FRAME Denim, recognized as a brand on the rise

FRAME Denim, recognized as a brand on the rise

Laura Jean is pleased to carry the FRAME Denim, a hot premium denim brand recently featured in London's Telegraph.

"The Frame Denim brand may be only three years old but already it has established itself as a cult. Frame jeans are now sold in 650 retailers worldwide,  reported sales for its third year are around £30 million and it will open its first store in LA at the end of the year. This will house the complete line, which now includes T-shirts, cashmere jumpers, silk blouses, leather trousers, suede jackets and skirts. Frame launched menswear a year ago. It has been ‘an insane journey’, says Jens Grede, a 37-year-old Swede who, along with his business partner Erik Torstensson, also 37, is the brains behind the label."
 "While the company has expanded its range, it has stuck to the core of what it originally offered: highly tuned basics. The cut is spot on. Even if you’re not a supermodel, Frame’s mid-rise styles sit at the most flattering part of your hips, and have just the right amount of stretch so that they retain their shape and don’t sag at the knee after wear."

Here are just a few celebrities who love FRAME Denim...


 RIHANNA, singer

Rihanna Frame Denim Le Skinny de Jeanne White Ripped

Le Skinny de Jeanne Ripped - Blanc  [Shop]


Le Skinny de Jeanne in Columbia Road [Shop]

View the full collection of FRAME Denim available at Laura Jean Denim.  

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