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Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly Brands

Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly Brands

Happy Earth Day! Did you know some of our brands are super eco-friendly? As if we needed another reason to love them! 


AG Jeans

Our most popular staple brand is by far AG Jeans. During the production of their amazing denim, they remain eco-friendly and we fall farther in love with them. The denim is created using "Ozone Technology" which significantly reduces water consumption, the use of chemicals, and energy.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel's main focus is on maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable company. They create their clothing using 60% less water, eco and organic fabrics, non-toxic and low-impact dyes, and recycled materials. AA is also a certified "Green Business" by the City of Los Angeles. 

Bella Dahl

Bella Dahl creates clothing with a material called Tencera which is made from natural bleached wood pulp, making it very soft, absorbent, durable when wet or dry, and wrinkle-resistant. This amazing fabric that we already loved for its extreme comfort and endless wear is also FULLY biodegradable and environmentally friendly! Tencera is also produced using a non-toxic solvent which is also recycled. 

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