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Give Your Old Jeans a New Purpose at LJD's Denim Drive

Give Your Old Jeans a New Purpose at LJD's Denim Drive

 Blue Jeans Go Green

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Blue Jeans Go Green to host a denim drive! The Blue Jeans Go Green program helps keep textile waste out of our landfills. Did you know that more than 25 billion pounds of textile waste is thrown into landfills each year? This includes items such as clothing, accessories, sheets, curtains and towels. Most of these things are not biodegradable and release greenhouse gases when they start decomposing.

The Denim Drive will run Wednesday, May 25 through Wednesday, June 15. Participants that contribute at least one pair of used jeans for recycling will receive a coupon for $20 off a new pair of jeans!

Cotton Incorporated began the denim recycling program in 2006 to help benefit local communities. Collecting over one million pieces of denim, the insulation has been distributed through organizations like Habitat for Humanity helping families and communities in need. The Blue Jeans Go Green™ program has created approximately two million square feet of insulation and diverted over 600 tons of waste from landfills since its inception.

Add the event to your calendar here.

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