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The Simplest Tricks to Keep your Clothes as Nice as you Bought Them!

The Simplest Tricks to Keep your Clothes as Nice as you Bought Them!

We often find that even when we buy the highest quality clothes that they sometimes don't stay in the best shape. Even though we tend to blame it on the brand - there are many small things you can do to ensure that your clothes stay as nice as when you bought them. Follow these simple steps to take care of your clothes!



Tip #1: Zip-Up Everything!

Ever find yourself putting on clothes after you washed them and find little rips or tears? You may end up thinking that the quality isn't very good if the pieces of clothing you buy cannot even make it through the washing machine and dryer. However, these damages can be stopped with one simple trick; zippering up your zippers! By simply zipping up your jeans, jackets, shirts, etc. you can stop the teeth of your zippers from snagging on all your clothes while they are being cleaned! Problem solved!

Tip #2: Clean Your Cashmere the Right Way!

The key to keeping your cashmere in the best condition is NOT dry cleaning. Here at Laura Jean Denim, we have special tricks for keep your cashmere up to par. Always fold your cashmere pieces instead of hanging. Always hand wash with a mild detergent, then lay flat to dry. Use a Sweater Stone to remove pilling before you wear it! When you buy cashmere, try and buy it a little bit bigger than your normal size to avoid pilling all-together. 

Tip #3: Air Dry!

Getting frustrated that you shrunk your favorite shirt is something that we have all experienced, but over-drying doesn't just shrink clothes! The hot water from the washing machine and then the hot temperatures in the dryer can really do a lot of harm to your clothes! It may seem old fashioned but leaving pieces out to dry in the fresh air will not only save your clothes - but the fresh air of Spring and Summer will leave the smelling amazing. 

Tip #4: Washing With Cold Water!

Science shows that washing materials such as cotton, wool and linen in hot water in your washing machine will shrink them! We are so comfortable with washing them in hot water because our mothers always told us that heat gets rid of the germs - however, this isn't always the case! Washing your clothes in cold water not only stops the shrinking and cleans them well but also preserves colors, saves money and the environment! Heating up the water in your washing machine uses energy with costs you and the environment, try using cold water.

Tip #5: Invest in Good Hangers!

The wire hangers are great for a lot of things - but not hanging clothes! These thin, cheap hangers are known to discolor and not evenly distribute the piece over the hanger, causing permanent indentations! Velvet hangers are great! However, be careful. If clothing is wet when placed on these hangers, the color of the hangers often transfers to your clothes. Wooden hangers are your best choice! They are sturdy and keep your clothes in the best condition! 

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