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With Spring Comes Spring Cleaning..

With Spring Comes Spring Cleaning..

The first day of Spring has passed and it's in with the new and out with the old! We are just starting our spring cleaning of our closets and sometimes it's just hard to have any idea where to start. How do you know whether to get rid of those jeans that you spent a ton of money on or that sweater that your aunt gave you? We made a guide to help you clean your closet and keep you in style all year round.

Questions to keep in mind:

When was the last time I wore this?

If you find yourself going through your closet and holding things up and wondering the last time you wore it, get rid of it. Chances are if you haven't worn this piece of clothing in the last 12 months, you'll probably never wear it again. Even though you might love this piece of clothing or your favorite event it's taking up space in your closet and keeping you from buying new things. Make some memories in new pieces.

Does this fit me?

Even though you might have spent a lot of money on a certain piece, it doesn't mean that you should keep it if it doesn't fit you. Sometimes we have connections to certain pieces in our closet and feel like we should keep them because of something that happened in it, because we love it so much, or because we spent a lot of money on it. However, if this piece of clothing doesn't fit you, you shouldn't keep it.

If I was shopping right now, would I buy this again?

When you're getting down to the end of the cleaning and really having a hard time on whether to keep something or not, ask yourself if you would buy this item again. If you were to go out shopping, would you repurchase this piece if you didn't already have it. Keeping up with current trends is important and if you don't feel the same about a piece of clothing as you did when you bought it.. chances are you shouldn't keep it!

Trends to Keep in Mind!



Lace Up Shirts:

We've seen these adorable lace-up shirts pop-up everywhere. They give anyone who wears them a playful look perfect for any spring or summer occasion.


Fringe has been making appearances since winter and we do not see it disappearing anytime soon! Pairing a fringe top with a white denim will surely turn heads all season.

Flare Denim: 

A blast from the past! Flare denim is making a comeback that we are more than thrilled about! If you haven't tossed out those flare jeans from your closet - save them! Everyone will be wearing flares this year.

Now that your closet is clean - what do you with your old clothes


Very soon, Laura Jean Denim will be holding a "Denim Drive" where you will be able to donate your used denim in return for a discount to our store! This denim will be donated to charity for a variety of uses! Keep your eyes open for a blog coming very soon about our Denim Drive!

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